Equestrian Wishlist (#2)

Here we go again…  In order with the things I “need” on top.  (Really, I don’t need any of this).  I’ve linked everything (mostly to SmartPak because free shipping, you know?), so you can check them out if you want to 🙂


bye money

Tall boots

I’ve probably talked about this a billion times… but I really need want tall boots for showing purposes.  I’m looking at the Ariat Heritage contour zip field boot…since it’s cheaper.  I talked about this in my last post, but I’m just not into Tredsteps.

A barn bag

I’ve been using a cheap, flimsy bag for who knows how many years and the bottom line is – it doesn’t get the job done.  It fits…well, some things that I need, but it’s width hardly accommodates for my poor helmet.  Let’s not mention that my chaps stick out of the top (or hardly even go in if everything isn’t arranged perfectly).  And I fit my spurs and gloves into the little nooks and crannies.  Let’s just say a new bag is well needed for the barn.

I would love to own one of those cool riding backpacks, but the thing is, they’re pretty expensive and I don’t really have the money to dole out just for a riding backpack.

Speaking of backpacks tailored for equestrians… Genny over on A Gift Horse, is giving away a Noble Outfitters Ringside backpack!  Check it out here!

More sun shirts!!! 

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 6.34.22 PM.png

really bad quality, but here’s my Ariat sunstopper in action 😛

Sun shirts are probably the greatest introduction to the equestrian industry since the addition of zippers to tall boots.  I live in California and the difference between the sun hitting your skin and not hitting your skin makes all much difference.  And sun shirts do just that without the extra bulk (plus underarm mesh is absolutely great).

They run quite expensive though… (in my opinion), especially since I love the look of Kastel Denmarks’ sunshirts (they make ones with plaid trim and it’s the cutest thing ever).  But I think I may be able to get away with buying Ariat’s children’s sizes…


Welcome to California, where it already feels like summer (it’s already starting to reach the high 70s?!).  Jumping ahead of the gun a bit, but I want to get an Equivisor, I wanted one last summer, but ended up never getting one.  My whole body tans for the most part, except for my face, my face just burns.  When I ride during the summer, it just feels like my face is on fire, sorry Charles Owen, but your visors don’t really do much.


That’s it for now!  I have a lot of things I would love to buy, these were just the ones that I am more likely to actually buy.  If you liked this, check out my last wishlist post, which also includes some stuff that are out of my price range, but I’d still love to own (maybe I should add a horse…)



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